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Learn Electrolysis has plenty of illustrations and photos to help you.

Learn Electrolysis is 110 pages of essential knowledge and brand new insights. Find out how each method of electrolysis works, how they permanently destroy the hair root and how to determine which method is best for your client. ¬†You’ll find tried and trusted advice on how to develop your insertion skills, plus a detailed consultation procedure for your own business or workplace.

No other method of hair removal comes close to electrolysis, and you’ll always be in demand if you learn how to perform it properly.

Chapter 1 – Electricity and the Development of Electrolysis

Direct Current History
Research into DC use for Hair Removal
Galvanic Electrolysis
Importance of Skin Condition in Galvanic Electrolysis
Galvanic Action on the Follicle
Alternating Current History
Frequency Range and Usage
Blend History
Critique of Predetermined Methods of Electrolysis

Chapter 2 – Hair

Components of the Hair Shaft
The Hair Follicle
Immune Privilege
The Active Hair Follicle Through the Hair Growth Cycle
Introduction to Skin Anatomy

Chapter 3 – Performing Electrolysis

Epilators and Related Accessories
Magnifying Equipment
Insertion and Magnifying Practice
Psychomotor Skills Required for Electrolysis
Getting Used to Your Epilator Settings
How to Find the Correct Setting
Pain Tolerance and Skin Effect
Amount of Time Needed and Skin Effect
Performing a Treatment
Side Effects
Exceptional Cases
Long Term Planning of Treatment
Client Record Cards
Questions to Ask
Treatments Prior to a Holiday
Aftercare Leaflet Sample
Warning Signs

Chapter 4 – Miscellaneous Topics

Abnormal vs Normal Hair Growth
Health and Safety
Contra Indications
The Limitations of Training
Advanced Electrolysis
Professional Body
Taking Yourself and Your Profession Seriously
Suggested Reading
Online Resources for Continuing Education


The Evolution of Hair Growth
Continuing Professional Development Questions to use With This Book