Learn Electrolysis textbookA new Textbook for the Modern Electrolysist

From the birth of electrolysis in 1875 to the present day, Learn Electrolysis covers the development of this treatment from the first rudimentary batteries to the modern equipment we use now.

The recent advances in understanding hair growth are covered in a readable style, bringing a narrative to a subject fundamental to treating clients with confidence.

Ideal for students, experienced practitioners or even anyone with a passing interest in the subject.

Suitable for:

Students new to Electrolysis

Continuing Professional Development

Treatment Information for Interested Professionals


ISBN 9780993396809

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A little note about Amazon:  A few people have got in touch to ask why my book is listed as unavailable on Amazon. Unfortunately they will not list my book without taking 50% of the cover price, so my choice was either to double the price of the book or not to sell it with them. For that reason I won’t be able to list my book with them, but you can still order it from your local book shop or buy it online here. Thank you for your understanding.